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Dr. Jorge Sánchez Zapero

Dr. Jorge Sánchez Zapero

Jorge's Bio
Jorge Sánchez received the M.Sc. in Telecommunication Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Valencia in 2011 and the  Phd in remote sensing from the University of Valencia in 2023. Jorge developed his thesis in EOLAB about the development of operational system for the validation of global albedo products.

Jorge's work at EOLAB
Since mid 2011 Jorge is working at EOLAB as a research engineer in remote sensing data processing and quality assessment of Earth observation products. He participated in a number of projects, such as EUMETSAT CDOP, FP7 Geoland-2, ESA VALSE-2 and currently in the Copernicus Land monitoring service, Climate change Service and ESA CCI for quality assessment of reflectance, albedo and vegetation global products. Jorge is the main data processing engineer of the company and he has strong technical skills, with expertise in several programming languages for software development, graphic analysis and databases. Since early 2014 he is responsible for the technical managing and processing within the laboratory, mainly for Quality Assessment.


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