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EOLAB hosted the annual meeting of the Copernicus Global Land Service

EOLAB hosted the annual meeting of the Copernicus Global Land Service in the Hotel Barceló (Valencia, Spain) on 15-17 May 2017.

Copernicus is the Earth Observation European program of the European Union and the European Space Agency which provides freely and openly satellite Earth Observation products. The project is specifically targeted towards the environmental monitoring with 6 services (Land, Marine, Emergency, Atmosphere, Climate Change Service, and Security).  The satellites to cover the program (Sentinels) are developed, launched and managed by the European Space Agency.

EOLAB has been involved for years in the Copernicus Global Land Service, and this year the company was the host and meeting organizer of this annual event. The objective of the meeting was to know and discuss about the status and the evolution of the Copernicus Global Land products.

The meeting was attended by key figures from the Copernicus Land of the European Commission, Global Land service managers, Sentinel managers and European researchers from several institutions. In total, the meeting was attended by 31 experts in the global monitoring of the essential climatic variables of the earth surface (albedo, temperature, soil moisture, vegetation, burned areas, land cover, etc).

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