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EOLAB celebrates 10 years

In February, 2016, EOLAB reaches a very important milestone as a small company: 10 years since its constitution. Since the very beginning the company, which started as a spin-off of the University of Valencia, has been involved in operational programs related to the monitoring of land surfaces from space, such as Copernicus Land Service, or the Land Surface Analysis SAF of EUMETSAT, and we are now strongly involved in the quality assessment of global satellite products, mainly in the Copernicus Global Land Service.


We have celebrated the 4th of March the Tenth Anniversary in our new offices at the Parc Cientific of the University of Valencia (PCUV) with partners and colleagues from the University of Valencia, the staff from PCUV and with relevant people during this period.


We would like to thanks ALL the people who work with us during this period, wishing to continue during the coming years facing new and exciting challenges.

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