Quality Assessment of Satellite Products

EOLAB offers expert services for Quality Control of satellite products. Our main areas of validation activities are divided into two kind of products: Vegetation (LAI, FAPAR and FCover) and Radiation (albedo and reflectance) products. We have extensive experience in Scientific Quality Assessment and Quality Monitoring, that constitute the only means of guaranteeing the compliance of generated products with user requirements:

  • The former concerns the new products which must pass an exhaustive scientific evaluation before to be implemented operationally
  • The latter concerns the operational products to check that their quality is stable and requirements are met along the time.

These follow, as much as possible the guidelines, protocols and metrics defined by the Land Product Validation (LPV) group of the Committee on Earth Observation Satellite (CEOS) for the validation of satellite-derived land products. The methodology for quality control consists in the intercomparison exercises with operational products generated by other initiatives such as NASA MODIS products. In addition there will be a direct validation with existing in-situ data obtained in various international programs (PVL, VALERI, EOS, ESA campaigns, ImagineS...). We have an extensive field database in vegetation and radiation products due to our large experience in this area.



Example of vegetation direct validation (left side) and albedo temporal profiles (right side)

We are involved in the scientific quality assessment and quality control of vegetation, albedo and TOC reflectance global land Copernicus products from PROBA-V data. EOLAB have been also in charge of the validation of the vegetation and albedo products derived from SPOT/VGT in the framework of GMES program (now Copernicus) and the vegetation products from MSG SEVIRI data within the LSA SAF project.

Selection of the most relevant validation reports: