Biophysical Products


EOLAB develops innovative products and solutions for environmental geo-information, which are support tools for the protection and sustainable management of our envirnment and resources.

The products we develop are surface products generated from Remote Sensing and ancillary information and distributed to the user through information technology.

These products help quantify environmental variables in space and time and provide valuable information in decision-making processes.


The satellite images need to be treated to extract all the information that contains. The products with higher added value are products with the higher level processing, such that they can report on the water needs of a crop, the leaf surface, the nitrogen content and chlorophyll, the risk of fire, etc.


We are involved in projects related to operational programs such as the Copernicus global land service or the LSA SAF of EUMETSAT, where we participate with the University of Valencia in the development of vegetation products. You can access the catalogue of these products:




We have also participated in geoland-2, where we were involved in the development of the global component of the GMES Land Monitoring Core Service (now Copernicus). In VGT4Africa we were involved in the definition of the processing line for the fCover products.

EOLAB offers expert services for space programs on Earth Observations for land and land-atmosphere. Our services for products development include:

  • Algorithm design for retrieving of geo-biophysical products.
  • Design, development and implementation of operational processing lines.
  • Pre-processing and post-processing of satellite products.
  • Re-analysis of temporal series
  • Improvement of algorithms.