EOLAB at the Kick-off meeting of the Copernicus Global Land Service operations (C-GLOPS1)

EOLAB attended the kick-off meeting of the four years framework (2016-2020) Copernicus Global Land Service operations (C-GLOPS1) phase Lot1, celebrated in Vienna during 16th to 18th of February of 2016.

EOLAB will be in charge of the quality assurance and the operational quality monitoring of radiation (TOC-Reflectance and Surface Albedo) and vegetation (LAI, FAPAR, FCOVER and Phenology) products derived from PROBA-V and recently launched Sentinel-3 satellite observations.

New Horizons for European and Global land monitoring Copernicus products and services ready to use


EOLAB attended the New Horizons for European and Global land monitoring Copernicus products and services ready to use conference, that took place in Copenhagen (Denmark). The conference marked the final stage of GMES/Copernicus initial operations of the land monitoring service (GIO land), and the move into the Copernicus operational phase. It was organised by the European Environment Agency, with support from the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre and DG GROW.

Fernando Camacho carried out the presentation titled Copernicus Global Land Vegetation Products, on behalf of the Copernicus Global Land consostium.


EOLAB at the XVI AET conference

EOLAB attended at the XVI conference of the Remote Sensing Spanish Association (AET), celebrated in Sevilla during 21th -23th October 2015, where several presentations about our last works were carried out:

Jorge Sánchez presented the following oral communication:

  • Metodología para la validación de productos globales de albedo en el marco de Copernicus. (see proceeding, ppt)

Furthermore, the representation of the company was very active in the poster sessions where the following works were presented:

  • Validación de los productos GEOV1 LAI, FAPAR y FCover derivados a partir de PROBA-V para la continuidad del servicio global de la superficie terrestre de Copernicus. (see proceeding, poster)

  • Método para la corrección atmosférica de imágenes Landsat. (see proceeding, poster)

  • Metodología para la validación de los productos de Reflectividad de baja resolución a partir de imágenes de alta resolución  en el marco de Copernicus. (see proceeding, poster)

  • Obtención de mapas de alta resolución de LAI, FAPAR y fracción de cobertura vegetal derivados de imágenes del satélite chileno FASat-C y adquisiciones in-situ en la zona agrícola de Chimbarongo, Chile. (see proceeding, poster)

  • Caracterización de variables biofísicas (LAI, FAPAR, FCOVER) mediante medidas de campo e imágenes de alta resolución en el sitio agrícola de Pshenichne en Ucrania. (see proceeding, poster)

EOLAB at the 36th ISRSE

EOLAB attended at the 36th ISRSE (International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment), located in Berlin (Germany) from 11 to 15 of May 2015.

Where Jorge Sánchez presented the work called: Early Validation of PROBA-V GEOV1 LAI, FAPAR and FCover products for the continuity of the Copernicus Global Land Service. (see poster).

EOLAB at the EGU General Assembly

EOLAB attended at the EGU (European Geosciences Union) General Assembly, located in Vienna (Austria) at 12-17 of April 2015.

Where Fernando Camacho has presented two works:

-Preliminary validation of Albedo, FAPAR and LAI Essential Climate Variables products derived from PROBA-V observations in the Copernicus Global Land Service. see presentation.

-Collection of Ground Biophysical Measurements in support of Copernicus Global Land Product Validation: The ImagineS database. see poster.

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