User Support

Earth observation and remote sensing is the only way to offer continuous observations in space and time of environmental variables. These observation has a great potential for many applications  such as agriculture, forestry, environmental monitoring (drought, desertification), fire risk assessment, water availability, urban areas, etc. Up-take of remote sensing products by users is an essential activity to exploit the benefit of the Earth Observation satellite data and remote sensing products. Many potential users are still working with other techniques or methods for that reason they could need a support to assimilate remote sensing products into their working environments.

EOLAB  acts as an interface between users and service provides, collecting users needs and requirements, as well as user recommendations for the Services.

EOLAB provides support to the users in several ways:

- understanding the different environmental problem of the users,  and providing  scientific advice and key information on both physical and technical aspects of the products (training activities)

- customizing remote sensing products (format, projection, area of interest) to the user needs, and providing access to the remote sensing products when needed. 

Our activities are currently mainly conducted in the framework of the Copernicus program, supporting the up-take of Copernicus Global Land services by users. We are currently providing customized Copernicus Global Land products  to the Spanish National Program of Remote Sensing (PNT) according to the users requirements. 



Figure: Example of the uptake of SPOT/VGT FAPAR product for the estimation of the net primary production over grasslands in Andalusia, and validated results. Up-take made by IFAPA.